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From Jekyll to Hugo

March 21, 2020

I’m taking this time to clean up the stuff I have, and I have decided to put in a bit better shape my blog.

I’m quite a bit tired of jekyll, the part of using ruby never convinced me, and documentation sucked, so I decided to move to Hugo.

Just in case you are wondering why documentation sucked, it’s because content is all mixed, pro tip:

Anyway, the process has been kind-a terrible, because hugo’s docs are,… well, they hold more information but they are also completely mixed, getting started has a full reference of the documentation, it doesn’t hold you by the hand on how to build a site… There are tons of things that I have been looking at examples just to be able to pinpoint them.

Few things that I need to remember for the future:

Now I am trying to create a pre-commit hook to update the website whenever needed